The Perfect Baby Shower

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The myth or indeed truth of afternoon tea perhaps holds no more legendary status than in Britain. The birth of the afternoon 'tete a tete' or what is perhaps more informally referred to as having a natter over a cup of tea has a long history, the British being one of the most predominant countries to import and export the tradition. The British empire spread its wings vast and wide and so did our customs, the habit of taking afternoon tea generally with an accompanying snack, like a scone or selection of biscuits has evolved over many years, into a past time that still exists today.

Renowned for Tea Drinking

In fact it is quite ironic that although we are not mass market tea growers the English are still renowned for the custom of tea drinking. However despite the fact that we are not major producers there is one corner of England, Cornwall in fact where the entrepreneurial spirit has taken hold and has fostered an interest and indeed small business in tea production. The location is not a place that would immediately spring to mind as an area for tea growing, yet the climate which is generally warm and wet, (a perfect micro-climate combination) has enabled a small tea production business to increasingly expand so that is now able to export to both India and China. This perhaps above all else is one of the strongest indications of the quality of the tea that is being grown, and is testimony of the fact that it cannot always be assumed that English weather dominates the growth of particular crops.

Famous Afternoon Tea

Perhaps one of the most famous locations for afternoon tea is the Ritz yet this enduring past time means that many other hotels, bars and tea rooms offer a range of packages that include both tea, cake, scones and sandwiches. Comfort of course is of the essence, it is therefore wise to ensure guest areas are made as stylish and comfortable as possible.

Keep it Calm at Baby Showers

It is becoming more and more popular now that events like Baby Showers are also taking an afternoon tea twist. Sophistication and elegance are sought after and provide a calming environment for the ‘mummy-to-be’ whilst offering all the guests a relaxed and pure indulgent experience.

With Love from Linen Rental

It was our absolute pleasure to supply crisp and clean tablecloths and white chair covers for this particular baby shower. With thousands of chairs bows also in stock – you can choose to theme your event with either baby blue or baby pink bows. Mind you, we’re finding many women these days are keeping baby showers very neutral and not necessarily stereotypical. Colours are being varied and mixed which some might say makes a refreshing change.

Did you know that we also collaborate with a furniture hire supplier so obtaining the most appropriate tables and chairs is just part of the service we deliver? We’re here to ensure your whole event is perfect from beginning to end so ensuring our linen rental service is as hassle free and straight forward as possible is our ultimate goal. We hope to work with you soon.