Wedding Nightmares And How To Avoid Them

Posted on Feb 22, 2017 by

When you’re planning a wedding, the last thing you want to think about is that something could go wrong. It’s your big day, and it needs to be nothing short of perfect. However, preparation in all the right areas will ensure that everything goes to plan and that nothing will get in the way of you and the best day of your life.

To help you avoid some of the worst things that could go wrong, we’ve come up with a handy list that should help you plan accordingly.

Double Check Everything With The Venue Weeks Before

Booking the venue is probably one of the first things you did for your wedding, and it’s possible you’ve had no more contact since then. Don’t assume everything is going to be ready. We’ve heard nightmares of bridal parties and wedding guests turning up to the venue on the big day only to find it’s been double booked - imagine the horror! Give them a call or visit a few weeks beforehand to ensure everything's in order.

Coordinate Everybody In Plenty Of Time

When you’ve got a photographer, wedding cake, caterers and evening entertainment to worry about, it can seem overwhelming. Again, don’t leave things to chance. Get in touch with everybody before the day to ensure they know what time they are due to arrive and where they need to be. Most professional wedding service providers will have all of this covered and will phone you to confirm details.

Plan Transportation With Care

Whether you need to arrange transport for the wedding party or you need to get Great Aunt Hilda to the service and arrange wheelchair access, planning your transport ahead of time will ensure everybody gets to the church or venue on time.

Keep The Dress Safe At All Costs

It’s a recurring dream for many a bride - the wedding dress of their dreams getting damaged or lost before their big day. Keep it somewhere safe, preferably at your own house and keep it in its protective cover to ensure no stains or odours spoil its splendor.

Plan For Horrible Weather

The great British weather is anything but predictable. While you might have glorious sunshine in the morning, everything could change by lunchtime. Whether you're planning an outdoor reception or having everything indoors, make sure you have some umbrellas to hand, and somewhere to shelter during those torrential downpours we all know so well.

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