Weddings 2017 - Why Navy Blue Is Enjoying A Revival

Posted on Jun 14, 2017 by

Wedding styles and trends come and go, but if you are looking for a colour that is enjoying something of a revival right now, your first choice should be navy blue.

Navy blue is a sumptuous deep colour that evokes images of beautiful lakes, sprawling oceans and navy events. It is a shade that goes perfectly with many other colours, including ivory, white, yellow and even orange - great if you are planning a tropical theme or wedding on the beach.

For The Bride And Bridesmaids

While many brides traditionally favour white for their wedding dress, adding a hint of colour can really make their wedding gown truly one of a kind. A navy blue sash cinched around the waist or sapphire jewellery add a splash of colour that instantly creates intrigue and unique style.

Navy blue is a very popular colour for bridesmaid dresses too - possibly because it is such a great contrast with the bride’s white or ivory dress. Why not choose dresses in the same colour, but in a range of different styles to add interest? Add white and silver into the mix with your bouquets or go for pops of colour instead with yellow roses or lilies.

For The Decor

When it comes to choosing decor that encapsulates the navy blue theme there are many options to choose from. A floating candle centrepiece featuring water with three or four drops of food colouring can look simply stunning, or why not choose navy blue tablecloths? Many brides are favouring the unique look of a shabby chic theme and this opens up the options even more - ornate navy blue picture frames, candles, lettering, flowers and even your wedding crockery can all be tied in together to utilise navy blue beautifully.

For The Flowers

No wedding is truly complete without flowers, but when you choose a navy blue theme you may be at a slight loss as to which flowers to choose. White roses look absolutely stunning against navy blue, but if you are looking for blue flowers that will contrast with the deeper shade you can choose flowers that are dyed such as blue roses and carnations. There are also some flowers that are naturally blue including some species of hibiscus and orchid. Your local florist will be able to guide you in the right direction and give you lots of options for bouquets and table decorations.

The Wedding Cake

These days, there are so many choices when it comes to selecting your wedding cake design. One idea that has caught on in recent years and which looks and tastes great is the naked wedding cake. There is no icing on this cake, and instead they are decorated with a cascade of flowers that sweep down the side of the cake. This type of cake works particularly well with colours like navy blue. A traditionally white iced cake will also look just as beautiful with the same kind of decorations.

Your Theme Delivered

Whatever your theme, at Linen Rental we make it our priority to offer as many items and colours as possible so that you can order everything from one supplier. Our navy blue sashes and tablecloths, for example, can be ordered online and delivered to your door at a moment’s notice. Take a look at our range today and add a splash of on-trend colour to your day.