Finding the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Event

Posted on Jul 11, 2019 by

It can seem a difficult task to find the perfect colour scheme for an event but with a little research and inspiration it is possible to find colours that will compliment your event and venue. 

1. Consider the emotions conveyed by colours

An important aspect to choosing a colour scheme for your event is considering the emotions that are conveyed by different colours. For example, would you want a red that conveys warmth or a cool and serene blue? This will depend on the type of event and the demographic of guests invited. If you are holding an event in a different country it is also important to consider colour sensitivies and whether there are any colours that might offend the citizens of that country.

2. Finding colours that work together

Your event will require multiple colours, not just one! There are different approaches to picking the colours for your event: do you want the colours to be harmonious or contrasting?

For a clean and smooth colour scheme: Find colours that are very similar or the same colour but in either lighter or darker tones.
For a contrasting colour scheme: Look for colours that are the complete opposite, for example a purple and orange colour.

The best way to find colours that work togehter is by viewing a colour wheel (you can find colour wheels online). Colours next to each other on the wheel work great in harmony while colours on opposite sides of the palette are ideal for making a statement.

3. Keep up with trends

Colour trends change each year and can vary for the different seasons. Staying up to date with popular colours could impress your event guests so it can be useful to research the trending colour schemes. 2019 has seen a rise in the popularity of vivid colours and a contrasting colour palette. However, you must still consider the demographic of your event attendees; just because certain colours are trending does not mean they will be to everyone’s taste!

Linen to Compliment the Colour Sceme of Your Event

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