Why You Should Consider Incorporating Bright Colours into Your Event

Posted on Jul 31, 2019 by

This weekend is the UK’s biggest pride festival in Brighton which will undoubtedly bring a stunning display of glitter and colour. The event’s ethos is to “promote tolerance, diversity, inclusion and education within the community and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against LGBTQ+ communities” (Brighton-pride.org). Colour and light can depict happiness and isn’t happiness something any event organizer wants for their guests? Here are 3 reasons you should consider incorporating bright colours into your event this season.

1. You will stand out from the crowd

Many events will use similar colours in their design which can look sleek and stylish but might make it more difficult for the event to stand out. In the world of corporate events, it is especially important to stand out against competitors, which is why using a variety of bright colours will leave a lasting impression on your guests. A summer wedding is also a good setting for bright colours; our orange napkins for sale are bright yet sophisticated and will add a pop of colour to an otherwise more basic setting.

2. Bright colours convey happiness

Colours convey different emotions and bright colours will usually bring out energy and happiness. Bright orange is playful and energetic while yellow conveys youth and happiness. A bright green conveys harmony and promotes growth and rejuvenation, ideal for an event that aims to relax its guests. A bright pink will encourage creativity and motivate guests; it is typically used for fashion and beauty events. If you and your guests are interested in beauty, fashion or anything related, our sunset pink chair covers for sale are unique and trendy; they make the perfect addition to any event.

3. Bright colours look good in any setting

Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, bright coloured linen and decor will look great. The summer brings the sun (usually!) which means that bright colours go hand in hand with this event season. Our lime green tablecloths for sale are quirky and brilliant; they make a great addition to a colourful event.

You only have to visit our website gallery to see how good bright colours look in any event setting; from colourful charity galas to baby showers and children’s parties, our bright linen looks fantastic! We also have bright coloured linen officially for sale; our napkins, chair covers and tablecloths can be purchased in either orange, sunset pink or lime green. If you are celebrating pride this weekend why not purchase colourful linen to add to your bright and glittery experience! Contact us for prices and more information about our linen for sale - we have hundreds in stock.


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