Christmas 2021 Trends

Posted on Oct 27, 2021 by

After Christmas 2020 being such a write off, We are all way more excited and willing to make Christmas 2021 more special than ever before. 

This year we have all seen a lot more normality with Covid restrictions lifting which has helped lift everyone's spirits and helped people to realise how much they've actually missed events and seeing their loved ones. 

A big part of Christmas that often gets pushed to one side or totally forgotten about is the decor! 

Linen Rental has put together some Christmas themes that we expect to be on trend this year. 

A popular theme on trend this year is rustic, homemade looks. DIY decorations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Even if you're not an expert at homemade decorations or don’t have the time as many of us have hectic lifestyles, Decorations made from natural materials such as wood, paper, feathers, pine cones and dried fruit are very much on trend for this year.

The dining table is one of the main centerpieces to your Christmas event, It is your blank canvas to decorate and enjoy. Snowy white, frosted silver and clear glass is a very popular, elegant theme for your Christmas event. It’s also a great theme for your more corporate events. 

When it comes to Christmas 2021 expect to see old favourites such as berry and plum tones. It’s dramatic yet sophisticated. Which again is perfect for your corporate event. Here at Linen Rental we have a stunning range of white, silver and plum linen to hire.

All linen hire includes laundry. For more information please contact Linen Rental.


90" Round White Tablecloth (for 3ft)

£8.91 £10.69/1-7 days

White Napkin

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