Supporting Saint Francis Hospice

Posted on Nov 8, 2022 by

Everywhere You Go, There’s Linen

If you think about the last event you attended, we imagine there was linen used. It might have been a few tablecloths or just a few hundred napkins even, but somewhere at your last event, you would have used or seen linen of some description. There’s nothing better than freshly laundered linen items which create a clean and bright event.

Events of all types and sizes will generally require linen and we were delighted when we were approached by the Saint Francis Hospice, looking to hire chair covers for their up and coming Big Heart Ball. Hosted on the 12th November at the iconic De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms the event will see Richard Madeley hosting the celebration which includes a drinks reception, a superb three-course dinner, luxury raffle prizes, live entertainment, performance by speed painter and artist Dave Sharp as well as a live auction.

Sponsoring events is a true pleasure for Linen Rental and our sister brands. 400 white chair covers are being sent directly to the Grand Connaught Rooms ready for The Big Heart Ball. Raising vital funds is needed in order for Hospices to continue their care for patients and their families affected by life limiting illness.

With over 36 years of care the Saint Francis Hospice is thanks to a dedicated, local group of passionate individuals who support the ideas and hospice movement. Back in 1975 a team of caring volunteers fundraised tirelessly in order to purchase the Hall in 1978. Alongside GP’s, community nurses and hospital specialists the hospice and it’s devoted team are able to provide pain management, support, care, comfort and most importantly making everyone’s life the very best it can be.

Tablecloths Date Back to 100AD

Did you know the oldest reference to a tablecloth dates back to around 100AD!! We bet you didn’t think they were that old? The reference was made by an ancient Spanish poet, Martial. The desire to have crisp, white tablecloths was more than likely inspired by the very white tablecloths of medieval times. This period was between 1066 and 1485, so how hard must it have been to actually keep items white?! Thankfully we have come a long way since 1485 so we can assure you our linen is nothing but clean and pristine.

Take cover! Hire chair covers

Over the last 18 months, the chairs our sister brand stocks has diversified massively. Many of chairs within this category are just too gorgeous to cover. Nonetheless having hired hundreds of thousands over the years, we understand on some occasions, the existing chairs at a venue either require updating or can simply need to be transformed by our covers. We’re here when you need us.